Caldera Sunset Tour with Sailing Boat Sunset on board in the Caldera of Santorini?
Enjoy the world famous sunset aboard a sailboat of 18th century and experience some of the magic of that beautiful and adventurous era. Our yacht is an exact replica of a schooner and a brigantine. These kinds of sailing boats were used during the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, an era that has been characterized as the "Golden Age of Sails". This charter sailing boat has been built out of love for that era - when the sails reigned the seas and which was a time that has been praised by famous authors such as Jules Verne, Jack London and Herman Melville.
SCHEDULE: Daily 15:30 - after sunset
Daily departures from the Old Port of Fira
Departing from the Old por of Fira, our boat stops on the little dock of the famous Volcano, where we will walk towards the top of the island. While walking, our experienced guide talks about the intense volcanic activity of the last 3000 years! We will step on the newest volcanic island of Eastern Mediterranean and we will see large pieces of magma. The crater still seems active, as hot fumes are released in many points!

Tip: Don't miss to take a picture of the Caldera, while you are on the volcano; the view is panoramic!

Next stop at the Hot Springs of the Volcano for swimming, while the crew prepares our dinner with choices from the Greek cuisine and traditional Santorinian wine. We sail past Thirasia and Oia, listening to live jazz music while the sun sets into the sea...
Finally, we return in the old port of Fira after sunset.

Sailing Yacht Sailing Boat:
€50/person (The prices include the transportation with the boat, the dinner on-board and volcano entrance fee.)
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